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MIS Course "Home of the Power of Technology"

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About your instructor:

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Firend Al Rasheed



Sometimes it's easier to connect with students if they know a little about the teacher as a person. On this page I'll tell my class a little about myself:

I taught various business administration, project management and Marketing courses.  Taught online courses, designed course content and delivery methods. Worked as consultant for fortune 500 corporations and worked as international project management consultant (IT) industry in the United States. 



PhD, in Applied Management Decision Sceince,USA

M.S. Technology Management, USA.

M.B.A., in International Business, USA.

Post-Grad. Certificate in Int’l Marketing, Asia Pacific Studies, Canada.



In addition,     

         Certified Consultant, by the American National Bureau of

                   Certified Consultants.


      Certified Consultant by the International Management Consultants association.


      Certified Project Manager by the Project Management Institute.

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Office hours: Call for appointment.
Office location: College of Business & Economics #237

Grades are subject to entery error and may be changed without prior notice